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Why Denmark is a great place to live 

Denmark often comes out near the top of global surveys on liveability and happiness. How can a small country with difficult weather be such a wonderful place to live?  

Trust, community, and the Danish welfare state

Denmark has extremely high levels of social trust. People trust each other and trust institutions like the government, the monarchy, the hospitals, and the police. Trust is an important part of the business environment, too. People are assumed to be honest unless proven otherwise. 

The high levels of social trust also help persuade Danes to pay some of the world's highest taxes to finance an extensive set of welfare programs. The Danish health system is tax-funded and free for the patient. Danish schools and universities are also funded by taxes and free for students. The idea is that everyone must contribute to the community and in return, the community will help care for all. 

These values of trust and community are deeply embedded in Danish culture and society and have their roots in Danish history. 

Lifestyle Living a green lifestyle In Denmark, sustainable living is a big part of many peoples lives

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