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Danish society and the business environment

For companies, flexible hiring rules and a lack of corruption make Denmark one of the world's best places to do business. Danish citizens benefit from a broad-based economy, solid educational system, and democratic traditions. 

How Danish values benefit the business environment

Trust, openness and an almost total lack of corruption make Denmark a great place to do business. Government agencies are easy to get in touch with and taxes  - while high - are straightforward and transparent. 

The Danish "flexicurity" model means it is easy to hire workers and not too hard to let them go if business conditions change. And a tax-financed educational system that is free for the student ensures a steady supply of well-trained labour. 

Utilities like power, water, and broadband are reliable and accessible throughout the country.

The Danish Model The Danes love to work. They love to produce quality products. But they also love to take time off to enjoy nature and be with family and friends. 

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