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The Danish approach to innovation and design

Danes are brought up to question authority, which makes them powerful innovators. This small country is constantly coming up with revolutionary approaches to design, environmental science, pharmaceuticals, biomedicine, food, agriculture, and many different types of technology.

Architecture in Aarhus Denmark

The Danish DNA 

From the time they are children, Danes are told to question conventional wisdom - and encouraged to come up with something better. That makes innovation and entrepreneurship a natural part of the Danish DNA. An economic system that encourages business risks and provides a social safety net helps too.

Danish design has been an international standard-bearer since the 1950s, and always-evolving industries like healthcare and pharmaceuticals also play a substantial role in the Danish economy.  These days, Danish innovators are leaders when it comes to sustainability and green living.



Solving global challenges with design Innovative approaches to solving the world's problems  

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