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Doing business in Denmark

Denmark is a free-market capitalist economy with a strong social welfare safety net for its citizens. It is rated among the world’s very best locations for doing business. 

A pro-business environment in a social welfare state

While Denmark's strong social welfare network is famous all over the world, the country is also an excellent place to do business. Denmark's trading traditions go back hundreds of years, and even within Scandinavia the Danes are known as a culture that enjoys a good business deal. 

Denmark offers a pool of talented professionals who speak English well. The labour market is flexible, making it easy to hire and fire employees, and there is less litigation than in some other developed countries. Meanwhile, the business infrastructure is top-class, with reliable supplies of electricity and water and a well-developed financial system. 

What the surveys say about Denmark's business environment

In its most recent survey the World Bank calls Denmark No. 1 in Europe and No. 4 in the world for ease of doing business.

And despite the taxes necessary to support the social welfare state, Denmark comes in 7th in the world on the most inviting countries for capital investment (Best Countries for Business 2019, Forbes Business Magazine). 

Doing Business in Denmark Why is doing business there so unique?

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World-class R&D, with a focus on Cleantech and Life Science

Denmark is home to world-class companies in several industries, with a particular focus on renewable energy. More than 40 years of ambitious energy policies have helped put Denmark in the forefront of "cleantech", and the country has a goal of being completely independent of fossil fuels by 2050. 

Denmark also has one of the strongest clusters in the world when it comes to biotech and life science, based on robust public-private partnerships.


Food innovation is another Danish industry with an impact both nationally and internationally. Danish food products offer high quality and exemplary hygiene and safety. No wonder some of the world's best chefs and restaurants can be found in Denmark.

Did you know

Denmark is the sixth biggest shipping nation in the world as ranked by the amount of operated tonnage. The Danish company Maersk Line is the world's largest container shipping operator and ships 12 million containers every year.

Work-life balance makes Denmark a great place for employees

The Danish way of working is high-focused effort during working hours - including a brief 30-minute lunch with colleagues - and then a late-afternoon shift to family and personal time.

This work-life balance makes for happier employees and strong families. A national network of quality subsidised child-care facilities gives Danish women the opportunity to compete on equal footing with Danish men.