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Climate diplomacy

Denmark’s own emissions of greenhouse gases represent only about 0.1% of total global emissions. Therefore, it would be impossible for Denmark to solve the climate crisis alone. Fortunately, we are not alone.Through diplomacy, Denmark is working to ensure that all the world’s countries – especially those who emit the most – accelerate the green transition.

Denmark is working closely with other countries, international organisations, businesses and civil society organisations to accelerate the green transition and reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally, with a particular focus on the large countries that emit the most. Although Denmark is a small country, we are seen as a front-runner on the climate agenda and therefore we have an influential voice.

Denmark is engaged in strategic partnerships with a number of the world’s largest emitters to accelerate and promote the green transition. Countries participating in these partnerships include China, India and Mexico. 

In 2019, Denmark decided to make sustainability an even stronger guiding principle in our foreign, trade and development policy. Measures adopted at the time to support this decision included the appointment of a climate ambassador and Green Frontline Missions around the world. The Green Frontline Missions are Danish embassies and missions that focus on promoting the green agenda in the countries we view as especially important in the global green transition. 

One special area of focus for Denmark is the war against coal. We must stop the extraction and burning of coal if we are to fulfil the Paris goals. Coal is the largest source of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, Denmark is working to initiate coal phase-out projects in the countries that emit the most greenhouse gases. We are also working through the EU, the multilateral banks and other international forums to promote and support the green energy transition away from coal. 

How Denmark's Frontline Missions are working for a greener future