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Chinese student Shujin Zhou: "Informal learning environment" 

It was a great upheaval for the Chinese student Shujin Zhou to enrol at a Danish education institution. Suddenly she was expected to participate in class and develop an analytical approach to her studies. Today she has learned that if she works hard, she can fulfil her potential, and that her career opportunities in Denmark are excellent.

There is a short distance between teachers and students in Denmark. That is what Chinese student Shujin Zhou discovered first during her bachelor studies at Copenhagen University Colleges of Engineering, and now during her postgraduate studies at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). “Universities in Denmark offer a dynamic and relaxed study environment and in class you are supposed to engage in discussion with your professor and ask questions during lessons. There is a lot of interaction and communication is informal. Students even call professors by their first names, and after each term we are asked to evaluate our professor’s abilities in an anonymous form in order to develop and improve teaching methods.” Shujin Zhou says.

Participation is compulsory
At ITU, seminars and group work are central components of the teaching. The university collaborates closely with business and industry, making it possible to combine education and research with activities of a more applied nature. Shujin Zhou explains: “These projects give students a good foundation for applying ideas and projects outside the academic setting. We develop analytical

Thinking and working independently
The Danish education system emphasises independent study and selfdiscipline. “In Denmark you are responsible for your course of studies both regarding planning and design. The structure of my study programme enables me to choose from a range of courses on offer, not just at ITU. There are so many interesting courses to choose from and it gives me the opportunity to specialise and create my own unique professional profile”.
A career in Denmark 
Shujin Zhou explains that studying in Denmark has given her an international experience and a personal network. “The teachingenvironment is excellent and my ability to work in a team can be used all over the world, but I want to pursue my career in Denmark. I have learned to be open, outgoing and not afraid to speak my mind, and I like to create good results. I think these are all characteristics that my future employer will appreciate” Shujin concludes.