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Education for all

High quality education at all levels is essential to ensure competitiveness in today’s globalised world. This is why education is a key priority in Denmark. With their high academic standards combined with innovative learning approaches, the Danish institutions are preparing their students to play an active role in a globalised, knowledgebased society.

Education for all
In Denmark, basic education is compulsory. The general upper secondary school primarily prepares the young people for higher education, while vocational education and training primarily aims to prepare students for a career in trade or industry. In Denmark more than 50% of a year group enter higher education.

Higher education
Danish higher education has a long tradition of combining academic excellence with innovative research and teaching. High academic standards, interdisciplinary studies and project‐based activities ensure active and motivating learning environments. Most Danish higher education institutions benefit from their co‐operation with business, industry and research institutes, creating an enriching and vibrant learning environment for their students. Danish higher education institutions offer a range of opportunities for international students. The institutions are highly international and offer a large number of programmes taught in English. A recent survey with responses from more than 3,500 international students studying in Denmark showed that 78% of the students would recommend Denmark as a study destination and 93% consider Denmark to be a safe country to live in.

For more information on higher education in Denmark, please visit the official website www.studyindenmark.dk

Other characteristic features of the Danish education system

High Standards
The quality of Danish education is assured in many ways. It is mainly regulated and financed by the state, and all public educational institutions are approved and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Lifelong learning
There is a strong tradition of lifelong learning in Denmark. Many Danes participate in adult education to improve their knowledge and skills in order to advance professionally or change career.
The workforce is thus constantly upgraded to meet the needs of the labour market.

Active participation
Students at Danish institutions are encouraged to play an active role in their learning process and take responsibility for carrying out projects independently or in small groups. In addition to attending classes, students are expected to participate in discussions and continuously develop their critical and analytical skills.