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The Crown Prince

Crown Prince Frederik was born on 26 May 1968. His only sibling, Prince Joachim, was born the following year.

The Crown Prince CoupleDespite their royal background, they were educated with other children at the private Krebs' School in Copenhagen 1974-81. The school's principal was Jørgen Stegelman, who is known as a marvellous storyteller.

At the request of their father, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim were in 1982 enrolled in the French elite school École des Roches in Normandy, where they gained an understanding of French culture and history. The Princes continued their schooling at Øregaard Upper Secondary School in Hellerup in Northern Copenhagen, where Frederik gained his baccalaureate in Modern Languages in summer 1986.

A month earlier, he had joined the Council of State, where the sovereign of the constitutional monarchy meets his or her minister about 15 times a year to sign the Acts of the country. As Crown Prince, Frederik can take over his mother's role as sovereign of Denmark, if she is abroad or otherwise unable to fulfil the function.

Military & Academic Career

The Crown Prince has continued the Danish kings' traditional association with army, navy and air force. Thus, he was a recruit with the Household Corps in 1986, later transferring to the Hussars. In 1995, he joined the elite Naval Diving Corps. Under the name of Pingo, he passed one of the physically and mentally most demanding courses in the Danish armed forces. In this way alone, the Crown Prince set new limits for what a future king may do. To huge media attention, Frederik met the challenges of the Diving Corps, becoming a First Lieutenant in 1995.

Since 1997, he has gradually risen in the ranks within the three armed forces. He was first appointed Captain of the reserve in the army, Flight Officer of the reserve in the air force and Lieutenant-Commander in the navy (1997-2000). He then became a Major in the army and air force and a Commander in the navy (2002-03) and most recently a Lieutenant-Colonel in the army and air force and a Commodore in the navy (2004).

In addition, the Crown Prince completed a leadership course at the Royal Danish Defence College in 2002 and worked at Headquarters, Chief of Defence, Denmark, in 2002-03. He has been teaching at the Royal Danish Defence College since 2003.

In 1989-95, the Crown Prince studied political sciences at Aarhus University in the second-largest city in Denmark. His mother, Queen Margrethe II, did the same for a couple of terms when she was young, but Frederik was the first member of the Danish royal house to complete a full academic course. In 1992-93, Frederik also studied at Harvard University in the USA. In 1995, he graduated with a main paper on the foreign policy of the Baltic States.

International Tasks

In autumn 1994, the Crown Prince was on a three-month internship at the Danish UN mission in New York. His time there helped give the Crown Prince an international profile, which was further developed when he was stationed at the Danish Embassy in Paris in 1998-99 and again in 2002.

In addition, Crown Prince Frederik represents Denmark on official visits abroad. He has headed trade delegations and met international top politicians as well as ordinary people.
In 2002, Frederik took over the post of Commissioner of the Danish Red Cross from his father Prince Henrik. His list of honorary offices is long, as is that of the Crown Princess.

Among other things, the Crown Prince is Patron of The Foreign Policy Society, The Greenland Society and The Royal Danish Geographical Society. The Crown Princess is, among other things, Patron of the Danish Refugee Council, the Danish Arts and Crafts Association, the Danish Cultural Institute and Copenhagen International Fashion Fair.

The Crown Prince has also received numerous Danish and foreign orders and decorations. They have been bestowed by the Nordic, Baltic and other European states, as well as Brazil, Japan, Jordan, Nepal and Thailand. Mary is, among other things, a Knight of the Order of the Elephant and carries the Norwegian St. Olav Order.

Expedition Sirius 2000

A unique experience for the Crown Prince was his participation as sledge driver on Expedition Sirius 2000. Just six people took part in the 2,795 kilometres long journey along the coast of North and North East Greenland.

The expedition demanded great physical and mental strength and endurance. It lasted four months and marked the 50th anniversary of Sledge Patrol Sirius, which is responsible for the surveillance of North and North East Greenland and the enforcement of Danish sovereignty in this part of the Danish realm.

The Danes were able to follow the journey through a series of television documentaries, where the Crown Prince himself talked about the hardships and the wonderful nature experiences with flashbacks to the famous Greenland expeditions in the early 20th century. Frederik has himself later emphasised the expedition's great importance to him in various interviews and books.

Lars Bisgaard, Senior Lecturer, University of Southern Denmark