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- Close to Denmark's history and Legoland.

Vejle  Vejle Fjord

In Jelling you can see “Denmark's Birth Certificate”, the rune stones raised by Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth in the 900s, or visit the historic Jelling Church. In Vejle River Valley you can see the grave of the Egtved Girl from the Bronze Age, and the Ravning Bridge from the Viking Age. In Vejle River Valley you can also experience Robert Jacobsen's sculptures in Tørskind Pit.


Legoland and Givskud Zoo

As part of the Triangle Region and close to Billund, Denmark's second largest airport, Vejle at Vejle Fjord is today a modern, attractive royal borough which is growing rapidly, and is the regional capital of southern Denmark. Vejle is located near to Legoland, which has many amusements, a mini country with towns and landmarks from the whole world and at least 50 million Lego bricks. You can also visit Givskud Zoo and see more than 1,000 animals or Økolariet, a knowledge and experience centre on nature, environment and energy.

did you know

That the footballer Allan Simonsen, who in 1977 was the first Danish footballer to score in the European Cup final for champions, grew up in Vejle and started his career in Vejle Football Club.