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Slagelse – a royal borough close to the Great Belt

Sit on a school bench with fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, see the Royal Danish Hussar Guards Regiment or visit the remains of one of the large Viking ring fortresses in the royal borough of Slagelse , which is located in south west Zealand.


Slagelse is located close to the Great Belt Bridge. Photograph: Richard Dennis.


Trelleborg and Hans Christian Andersen

Slagelse is one of Denmark's oldest towns, founded in the Viking Age with the Trelleborg ring fortress. King Harald Bluetooth's impressive ring fortress from the late 900s is the best preserved of its kind. It was also in Slagelse that Hans Christian Andersen attended grammar school. At Slagelse Museum you can walk through a street from that time, or sit at one of the old school desks and think back to Hans Christian Andersen's schooldays.

Commercial centre close to the Great Belt

Slagelse, which is located close to the Great Belt Bridge, is today a modern royal borough with shopping? centres, charming squares, elegant streets and lively cafés. Once a week the hussars of the Household Cavalry ride through the streets of Slagelse. The beautiful neighbouring countryside offers golf courses, the Great Belt's fabulous coastline with breathtaking beaches and wonderful opportunities for angling. From Skælskør there is also a ferry service to the islands of Agersø and Omø.