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Ribe  - Denmark's oldest town

In Ribe, which is Denmark's oldest town, you can see Ribe Cathedral and museums about Ribe's Vikings. From Ribe you can go on a trip to the marshland, to the Wadden Sea or to the small island of Mandø.

Ribe Cathedral. Photograph: Ribe Turist, VisitDenmark Ribe Cathedral. Photograph: Ribe Turist, VisitDenmark 

Ribe Cathedral and H. A. Brorson

In Southern Jutland's flat landscape, Ribe Cathedral, which was commenced between 1150-1175, can be seen from afar. Ribe Cathedral has three steeples and is Denmark's only five-aisled church. Close to Ribe Cathedral you can see the Renaissance house Taarnborg, which was the home of the hymn writer H.A. Brorson.

Ribe's Vikings

During the Viking Age, Ribe was an important trading place. You can experience Ribe's development over the years at the Ribe Vikings museum. At Ribe Viking Centre, you can walk around a reconstructed life-size Viking estate, populated with Vikings who you can see, work with and talk to.

Art and the Wadden Sea

At Ribe Art Gallery you can see Danish art from the period 1750-1950 with emphasis on the Golden Age, Realism, the Skagen Painters, Modernism and the Interwar Period. You can also visit the Wadden Sea Centre or take the tractor bus from Ribe over the Wadden Sea to Mandø, which has a rich bird life.

Did you know

That the island of Mandø is without a traffic connection to Ribe and the mainland at high tide?