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Frequently asked questions


How can I study in Denmark? 
If you would like to study in Denmark, you can get more information on studyindenmark.dk

How can I apply for grants/scholarships in Denmark?
You can also obtain information on how to apply for grants/scholarships on studyindenmark.dk

Where can I find a list of Danish universities?
You can see an overview of Danish universities on studyindenmark.dk

Do I need to have a visa as a student?
On newtodenmark.dk you can see information on visa rules.


Work and live

How do I apply for work in Denmark?
You can find practical information on working in Denmark, work permits, visa rules etc. on workindenmark.dk

Where can I find information concerning asylum rules and immigration to Denmark?
You can find information on visa rules and asylum on newtodenmark.dk
Note that there are other rules for EU citizens.

How do I get married in Denmark?
You must contact the municipality where the ceremony will take place.

Do I need a visa to come to Denmark?
On newtodenmark.dk you can find information on visa rules.

Where do I find the weather forecast for Denmark?
DMI give you the latest weather forecast for the whole country.


About Denmark

What is the Danish currency?
The Danish currency is the krone. If you would like to see the exchange rate for the Danish krone, you can visit Danmarks Nationalbank's website.

How do I find my Danish ancestors? 
Here you can see links and the necessary information you need for your research.

How do I find an old friend?
If you are looking for an old friend, we suggest that you use the Danish search engine degulesider.dk and krak.dk



How can I do business in Denmark?
If you would like to do business in Denmark, Invest in Denmark can provide you with the necessary information.



Where do I find tourist information about Denmark?
If you are going to visit Denmark, the best way to plan is by visiting the website visitdenmark.com

Where do I find tourist information about Greenland?
If you are going to visit Greenland, you can find information on visitgreenland.com

Do I need a visa to visit Denmark as a tourist?
On newtodenmark.dk you can find information on visa rules regarding Denmark.



How can I contact a Danish ministry?
You can see a list of all Danish ministries with their contact information here

How can I find a Danish mission abroad?
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark provide a list where you can find all Danish missions abroad

Tracing your Danish ancestors

There are good chances of finding information about Danish ancestors in the Danish archives. The more basic information you posses about the persons, the greater are your chances of success.

Find your Danish ancestors