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Guide to the new denmark.dk

The following is a brief guide/description of the new denmark.dk

Under each photo you´ll find a short description of some of the features you should pay special attention to.


Front page (first half)

This is a screendump of the first half of the front page of the new site in English.

As you can see, the design has been modernized and we now use a lot more photos.

In the top you find the menus "Quck Facts" "Lifestyle" "Meet the Danes" etc, just like in the old denmark.dk. 




Front page (second half)

This is the second half of the English front page.

As you can see we have integrated our bloggers as well as facebook and twitter in the new web-site so that the latest blog-entries, facebook-posts and tweets are visible.

Underneath the social medias you find a "wheel of videos" which give you the latest videos from www.video.denmark.dk

And in the very bottom you find again the menus with their various sub-menus




Design (first half)

This is a screendump of the Design page. It serves as an example to show you how the general structure of the pages is on the new denmark.dk

Apart from the short introduction, the page has various links to articles about Danish design. As you can see it is now possible to like or tweet the article directly by clicking on the small facebook and twitter icons.

On the right side of the page you find links to more articles and also links to the designers in our "Great Danes" section. You also find a feed from our facebookpage "We love Danish design".

This is a typical structure for many of the pages on the new denmark.dk.



Design (second half)

This is the second half of the design page. As you can see there is also a twitter-feed (from our twitter-account which has no particular connection to design. The general idea is to integrate the social media all around the site).  

Again, like on the frontpage, you have the menus at the bottom followed by an additional set of links to social media (where it says "Follow Denmark on:")


A standard article page 

This is a screendump of a standard article page (in this case about the designer Jacob Jensen).

Apart from the article itself, again there is the option to like, tweed and share directly from the page.

In the bottom there are related articles so that the visitor can easily move on to similar topics that might interest him/her (in this case more famous Danish designers).


Comments and questions

We hope you like the new design of denmark.dk.

Over the next months we will be expanding the English site as well as the Spanish, German, and French sites. It is also our plan to add Chinese, Russian and Portugease versions in the near future.

If you have any comments regarding the new site or ideas for topics you think we should write about, please contact us at editors@denmark.dk