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The editors of denmark.dk (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark) aim to answer as many of our readers’ questions as possible on the website, and we only answer editorial questions and enquiries about becoming a blogger via the email below. However, if you have further questions we encourage you to contact the site or organisation most relevant to your inquiry.

www.visitgreenland.com (for information about Greenland)
www.visitfaroeislands.com (for information about the Faroe Islands)
www.newtodenmark.com (for information about tourist visa)

Study in Denmark
www.newtodenmark.dk (for information regarding student visa)

Work and live in Denmark
www.newtodenmark.dk (for information regarding visa)


Finding your Danish ancestors

Contacting ministries in Denmark
Find a list of ministries here.

Contacting Danish missions abroad
Find a list of the Danish missions abroad here.

Editorial questions 
If you have editorial questions or is interested in Danish foreign policy and have questions relating to this, please visit um.dk or contact us at um@um.dk


How can I study in Denmark? 
How do I apply for work in Denmark?
Do I need a visa to come to Denmark?
Where do I find tourist information about Denmark?

Tracing Your Danish Ancestors

There are good chances of finding information about Danish ancestors in the Danish archives. The more basic information you posses about the persons, the greater are your chances of success.

Find your Danish ancestors