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Practical info

Facts and Statistics about Denmark

Facts and statistics

Denmark differs from its northern European neighbors by a number of special features.

Invest in Denmark

Invest in Denmark

Denmark has the most flexible labor market in the world and one of the highest education rates in the world. There is virtually no corruption - all this means good investment conditions.

Study in Denmark

Study in Denmark

A Danish study is focused on problem-oriented and active participation on the part of students. That is valued by many foreign students, as well as the many cultural offers, the rich social life, free health care and much more.

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Visit Denmark

Every year millions of tourists visit Denmark. According to surveys, but this might be the reason for the visit of tourists, as part of the friendly Danish population of the largest attractions.

Business areas

Work in Denmark

Recently, Denmark has attracted many foreign workers from across different occupational groups, and it is expected that in the future more and more foreigners are needed who want to be a part of the Danish labor force and society.