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Mads Frost Hansen

Mads Frost Hansen

Name: Mads Frost Hansen
Age: 33
Occupation: Head of Department, St. Josef’s School Roskilde

What does your job entail?
I am Head of Department for 6th-9th grades at a private school in Roskilde. I'm responsible for 26 teachers and 300 pupils.

How many hours a week do you work?
Between 50-55 hours a week.

What happens if you do overtime?
I am employed as a manager, which means I can plan and organize my own time myself.  If I do overtime, I can make sure I take some time off.

Denmark is known for its good work-life balance. Do you think you have that?
It is difficult to answer, but I don’t think I have the right balance currently! My work and the responsibility I have fills a huge amount of my time and when you have family commitments alongside, it means I don’t always have time for my hobbies. I know that one of my biggest challenges is to get my job to fit in better with my family.
I think if my hobbies could be integrated into working, things would balance better.

How do you think your working life compares to others in Europe?
I do not think my job is that different from other people in Europe who also have ambition. I am proud and happy with my job, yet it can be challenging. Every single day, I am motivated by my team leaders and my staff, and I invest a lot of my personality in the job of living up to responsibility and to their expectations.

Mads Frost Hansen

Tell me a little about your private life.

What does your partner do?
My wife is a pharmacist and deputy manager at a large pharmacy and she also has a very demanding job. Her career is also important to her and so it makes the family challenges even greater.

Do you have children?
We have three children, nine, five and five months.

Do you and your partner split family duties?
We have highly differentiated tasks both in terms of picking up/taking the children to the institutions and free-time activities as well as shopping and laundry. We also have cleaning help, which is a great help to us.

What do you all like to do to relax as a family? 
We all enjoy visiting our summer house and we do this as often as time allows us. Here we do a lot of relaxing, and e-mails, telephones and laundry matters all become secondary. We travel a lot and ski during the winter holiday, which is something the family cherish. We enjoy being active together; eating good food and enjoying life with good friends.

By Richard Steed, freelance journalist.

Did you know

Denmark was named the best country for work-life balance in a 2011 report from the OECD.