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Ben Hamilton

Ben Hamilton

Name: Ben Hamilton
Age: 38
Occupation: Journalist

What does your job entail?
Editor of a weekly English-speaking newspaper, The Copenhagen Post.

How many hours a week do you work?
45 hours

What happens if you have to do overtime?
Nothing. Being the Editor, I have the responsibility of making sure everything is completed.

Denmark is well known for its good work-life balance. Do you think you have that?
Because of tight deadlines, sometimes I have to stay at the office until the job is finished. Though on Thursdays and Fridays, I have the flexibility to suddenly leave work and pick up the kids and then stay with them at home until my girlfriend returns - if need be.

How do you think your work-life balance could be improved?
Well, every Tuesday the newspaper has to be ready for print, so I can work a minimum 12 hours and sometimes close to 15. So apart from that day, I think I have a good work-life balance.

How do you think your working life compares to others in Europe?
As a Brit living in Denmark, I am guessing this relaxed attitude to working hours is pretty similar in all the Scandinavian countries. I'm sure that most Danes would say they've got a good balance and that's the way it should be. 
Ben Hamilton

Tell me a little about your private life 

What does your partner do?
Social worker

Do you have children?
Two girls, six and three.

Do you and your partner split family duties?
(For example washing, cleaning, shopping, picking up children, etc.)
Yes, there isn't an area that one of us is solely responsible for.

What do you all like to do to relax as a family?
Watch a family TV programme, but there are very few programmes that a family can enjoy together. X Factor is the only one that springs to mind. Play with our cats. Going to playgrounds, early evening visits to outside cafes. Trips to the harbour or municipal swimming baths – Copenhagen is very child-friendly, so we are sometimes spoilt for choice.

By Richard Steed, freelance journalist.

Did you know

Denmark was named the best country for work-life balance in a 2011 report from the OECD.