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Starting Danish lessons

Learning Danish abroad

Danish is taught at several universities around the world. The Danish Cultural Institute also has branches abroad where Danish is taught. Danish Embassies and Consulates can also help put you in contact with activities relating to Denmark in your home country. For more help, see the list of all Danish Embassies

Learning Danish in Denmark

There are plenty of opportunities for learning Danish in Denmark. There are long courses that run during the academic year, short intensive courses and summer courses. Depending on your needs, time, interests and prior qualifications, the main options below are available to you:

  • Courses at Danish higher education institutions
  • Programmes and courses offered by the local council (kommune)
  • Courses in Danish at adult learning centres (VUCs)
  • Private language schools or classes offered by private language teachers 
  • Courses at Folk High Schools (Folkehøjskoler)


Courses at Danish higher education institutions

Many institutions offer intensive Danish language courses at the beginning of the academic year, during the semester or as a part of a summer university programme. Students who are enrolled at the institution are not usually charged a tuition fee. However, if you’re not studying at the institution but still planning to join a language class, then you could be charged a fee of around 2,500 - 5,000 DKK per course.

For more information about the courses, admissions requirements and tuition fees, please contact the international office at the particular institution.

Programmes and courses offered by the local council (kommune)

Local authorities are required by law to offer Danish language and culture courses to all foreign residents.

The local language schools offer courses at all levels. The courses usually consist of 18 lessons a week, though some schools offer more intensive courses or weekend courses.

The target groups for these courses are new immigrants and refugees. For some of the courses, you might be charged a nominal fee. It is possible to enrol on the courses several times a year. Mandatory examinations are held twice a year.

Please go to language schools (sprogcentre) for more information.

Danish language courses at adult learning centres (VUCs)

The adult learning centres offer courses in all general subjects for adults at lower and upper secondary school level. In addition to the general courses offered to Danes, some of the VUCs offer Danish language courses for foreigners.

Each course lasts between 6-12 months and comprises 240 lessons. A small tuition fee of around 200 DKK is charged for each course. More information is available from your local council or from the individual adult learning centre.

Addresses of all adult learning centres in Denmark (VUCs)

Private language schools and private language teachers

If you are interested in a more intensive or perhaps a more individually designed course, you can enquire at one of the local language centres. Look for private language schools or find a private language teacher.

Courses at Folk High Schools (Folkehøjskoler)

Some Folk High Schools offer residential courses in Danish language and culture either during the summer holiday (3-4 weeks) or during the autumn and spring semesters (4-5 months’ duration). These courses do not normally include formal tests or examinations.

The Secretariat for the Danish Folk High Schools provides further information about courses, admission and tuition fees. Please visit www.hojskolerne.dk

Danish glossary

Hej! Hi  
Goddag Hello (formal) 
Hvordan har du det? How are you?
Hvad så? What’s up?
Farvel Good bye
God morgen Good morning
God nat Good night
Tak! Thank you
Undskyld mig Excuse me
Jeg elsker dig I love you