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Home sweet home - Jens and inge

We live in a house which was built in 1962, we have lived here for 26 years.

Names: Jens Ole Kjærsgaard, Inge Kjærsgaard

Ages: both 59

Jens Ole: Youth Club worker 
Inge: Social worker

Jens and Inge

What do you love about your house?
Jens Ole: That this house has room for all my stuff.  I collect old electronics and other treasures from second hand and thrift stores.
Inge:  I like that it’s our own house, it’s quiet and peaceful, and we are not disturbed by neighbours, like I imagine you would be in an apartment.

What is your favourite room? And why? What do you do in the room?

Jens Ole: My favourite room is my little office where I have my computer and workshop.
Inge: The living room is my favourite room. It’s decorated for relaxing space, where you can enjoy a quiet moment, watching TV, doing needlework or just relaxing.

Do you have a favourite gadget or furniture/design? Why?
Jens Ole: I have a violin- lamp. My daughters hate it. But it’s my favourite thing.
Inge: I love my comfy couch. I don’t care much about design for me it’s all about comfort.


What do you think your friends think about your home?
Jens Ole: That it’s cosy and that in the house there are many things to look at.
Inge: I don’t really think about what friends might think, but it makes me happy when people say that we live cosy ‘hyggeligt’

January 2012