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Home sweet home - Hanne bækgaard

I live in a good-sized apartment (110m2) in a building built from the 1930s, and have been living here since June 2011.

Name:  Hanne Bækgaard
Age: 33
Occupation:  Supervisor and waitress at an Italian Restaurant called Ravello
Childrens names: Frederikke 7 years old and Mads Emil 5 years old

Hanne's family 

What do you love about your apartment?

I love the old hard wood floors and tall stucco ceilings. Also the apartment has a large outside terrace facing south/west, which gives us the opportunity to enjoy the good weather from within our home.

What is your favourite room? And why? What do you do in the room?

I have spent many years finding all of the 12 different chairs for my dining table at different places like auctions, markets and second-hand shops, so my favorite room is for sure the dining room.  The reason for the oversized dining table is because I love being able to seat a large group of friends or family around one table without having to do much.


Do you have a favourite gadget or furniture/design?
My favourite piece of furniture is a red chair called Jeanette (designed by Fernando & Humberto Campana). I saw it at an auction house and just feel in love with it right away. I know the chair isn’t unique, but I still haven’t seen another one for sale anywhere since, and I love the fact my guests always have a comment about that chair.

What do you think your friends think about your home?
I get a lot of positive feedback from friends, especially because my furniture has lots of colours and a great variety of different materials. They also always comment on my different pieces of art because some of it is quite provocative. Even though they don’t all like it as I do, I think any art that provokes a comment or discussion is great art.

Dining room

What would you change in your appartment if you won a one million kr.?
If I won a million Kr, I don’t think I would change a whole lot. I probably would upgrade a couple of chairs around the dining-table, and definitely get some more art. 

What is your dream house?
I don’t have a specific type of dream house, because I like both old style villas and very modern and minimalistic houses. But would love to design and build my own house someday, so one million Kr would get me a bit closer to that dream.

What do people (friends and family) say when they visit your home?
They think it’s very unique, cosy and homely

Describe the area that you live in? Close to countryside or near a town?
I live in the centre of a town called Herning, which has some great parks with playgrounds near to where I live. I also have easy access to the shopping street, restaurants, bars and cafes without having to use my car. The city also has lots of different activities for young children which is fantastic.

Why you have you chosen to live here?

I grew up in Herning but moved away to study in 1998. Since then I have lived in Aarhus and Randers. After having children the urge to return to childhood friends and family grew, so last year I finally decided to move back, and haven’t regretted it at all.

How would you describe a normal weekday? What is your routine?

Usually I don’t have a lot of time for activities besides working but when I happen to have a night off, I just relax with my boyfriend, eat some tasty food, drink some good wine and usually play a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Living room

How do you spend your weekends?

I think I spend a Friday night like 95% of all Danish families with kids. Slowing the mind down from a hard working week, having a nice dinner, watching the Disney show at 7pm and enjoying what all Danish kids call fredagsslik (Fridayscandy - the one day a week most children get candy).
Saturday is normally doing the chores and playing with the children and “dog-sitting” for my boyfriend’s mother. Sunday we visited some good friends for brunch, and afterward we rent a couple of family movies, make some buns and hot chocolate and sit down for an afternoon of entertainment.

What is favourite hobby or pastime?

We love going on smaller road trips, either to the west coast or for a walk in the woods and just deciding as we go along where to pull over next. I also have a weakness for going through mercenaries just to see if I can find something exciting that I “can’t live without”.