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Jens Christian Skou

Born 1918, Danish physician and physiologist.

After graduating from medical school at the University of Copenhagen in 1944, Skou was appointed to the Institute of Psysiology at Aarhus University in 1947.

In 1957, while investigating the active mechanism of local anaesthetic drugs, he discovered that the nerve cell membranes of crabs contain an enzyme, sodium potassium ATPase, which in the form of the sodium potassium pump helps to maintain the salt balance between the cells and the tissue fluid by pumping sodium ions out of the cells and potassium ions into the cells.

1963-78 Skou held the chair of Physiology in Aarhus, and 1978-88 the chair of Biophysics, also in Aarhus; in 1997 Skou shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry with the Briton John Walker and the American Paul Boyer.

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