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Film Makers

In this section of the website, you will find short biographies of some of the most highly profiled persons from Danish film history.

First a bit of back-story: in 1896, the first public projection of a film in Denmark took place at the Town Hall in Copenhagen. The first Danish film was also shot the same year, and in 1906 Ole Olsen founded one of the first film production companies, Nordisk Film. Nordisk Film introduced Asta Nielsen, who was to become one of the first silent film stars both nationally and internationally. The company actually still exists today.

Since then, Danish film and filmmakers have played a significant part in international film history.

Carl Th. Dreyer is considered one of the most uncompromising geniuses of film history. And more recently, Danish film has attracted a great deal of interest internationally because of films by directors such as Lars von Trier, Bille August, Gabriel Axel and Susanne Bier.