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Johan Otto von Spreckelsen

Johan Otto von Spreckelsen, 1929-87, is the architect behind several of Denmark's modern church buildings, including Vangede Church north of Copenhagen (1974) and Stavnsholt Church in Farum (1981).

Johan Otto Von Spreckelsen - Scanpix

He makes obvious use of the square ­ but also the sphere, the cylinder and the pyramid, geometrical shapes which Spreckelsen used time and time again in his work.

Perhaps most clearly in the main work, which was to be the culmination and end of his relatively short career, La Grande Arche in the La Défense district in Paris, inaugurated in 1989, two years after the death of the architect.

It is a 110-metre-high construction in concrete, marble and glass, shaped as a combination of a cube and an arch forming a simple, powerful and symbolical end to the six-kilometre-long "historical" axis running east from the Tuillerie Gardens near the Louvre through the old Arc de Triomphe in Place l'Étoile to the modern business district of La Défense in the west.

Elisabeth Buchwald, Gyldendal Leksikon

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