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The Danes like sports – as participants, spectators and in front of the television. Almost two million actively participate in sports as members of an association. Almost two thirds of all children and young people are engaged in organised sports in their leisure time.


A Nation that Plays the Ball

Unknown in many parts of the world, but ubiquitous in Denmark. During the winter season, the Danish national sport is handball

Danish Football

Danish Football - The National Sport of Denmark

Football is the national sport of Denmark and the most popular sport played here. Currently there are nearly 300,000 players and 1,614 clubs registered with the Danish Football Association.


Denmark and the Olympic Games

Denmark has participated in every Olympic Games of the modern era except one and considering the size of the country's population, Denmark has historically done very well in the Olympic Games.

Team Danmark

Elite sports

Elite sports are handled by the sports federations under DIF in close collaboration with Team Danmark, which was established by law in 1984. It was created in response to a wish that Danish athletes should have better opportunities to compete on equal terms with those of other countries, who were increasingly receiving public subsidy.

Kim at the Para Cycling World Championships 2011.

Para-Cycling World Championships

We met Kim at the Para-Cycling World Championships 2011 in Roskilde, Denmark. Watch Kim in action and be inspired by his amazing courage to make the most out of life after an accident left him in a wheelchair.

Sports for everyone

Sports for Everyone

It is an official political objective that Danish sports should be for everyone, and sports activities are characterised by a parallel effort for the elite and for all.

did you know

Most sport clubs in Denmark are run by volunteers, and openness and joint responsibilities are key words.