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Experience Danish music and its diversity from variuos aspects. Watch videos and view pics from Danish music festivals, performances and music events.
Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival

Each year Roskilde Festival attracts a massive audience from all over Europe, and today it is one of the biggest culture and music festivals in Europe

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Every single summer since 1979 Copenhagen Jazz Festival has been taking over Copenhagen as one of Europe’s most important international music events based on eminent artistic quality and a sharp focus on new departures in both Danish and international jazz.

Eurovision Song Contest #JoinUs

The Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Millions across the world zap onto their national broadcaster each spring to watch the cream of the European music scene perform the annual musical Olympics. In 2013, Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest lived up to her favourite title in Malmö, Sweden to bring the contest to Copenhagen. “Come and Join us,” says Head of Show Jan Lagermand Lundme.

NorthSide Festival – All music and no camping

Northside Festival is getting greener and grander

The newcomer on the Danish festival scene, Northside, is growing bigger and greener year after year. In June the festival was held for the 6th time.

Keith Jarret

Danish jazz history

During the sixties Copenhagen was the European jazz capital. Today Copenhagen Jazz Festival is one of the biggest jazz festivals with more than 250,000 guests

Tina Dickow

Danish Music: Only Girls Allowed

Women are currently dominating the global music scene. For the first time in pop history they are collectively outselling their male peers.

The William Blakes

The William Blakes at Skanderborg Festival

We met The William Blakes at the Skanderborg Festival 2011.

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Did you know

Copenhagen Jazz Festival has existed for more than 30 years and is considered to be one of the most distinguished jazz festivals in Europe.