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The hot dog stand - feeding hungry Danes for more than 90 years

The first Danish hot dog stand saw the light of day in Copenhagen in 1921.

The hot dog stand

The first stands had kerosene burners or camping stoves, an invention that triggered a wave of new mobile coffee stands and mobile restaurants. Not all welcomed the new trend, and a city council member complained that it would be highly unsightly to have people eating sausages in the street.
But the people embraced the new fast food, though a sausage cost roughly quarter of an hour’s salary at the time. It may not have been fancy dining, but it was costly indeed.

During the Second World War the hot dog stand became a social provision, as only invalids were allowed to man the stands. Even today hot dog stands and fruit and vegetable stands are predominantly given to people with disabilities.

The hot dog stand2

Today hot dog stands are dotted all over the city of Copenhagen, though new sorts of fast food are entering the market. But even in the hot dog business, new ideas are spreading.

In 2009 the first organic hot dog stand opened in Copenhagen. Rethinking the concept of sausages and fast food, the new hot dog stand serves sausages in a Nordic cuisine fashion. Selling more than 50,000 organic sausages is proof that this old school fast food is still very popular. The Danish hot dog stands sells an average of 3 million sausages every year.