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Breast of duck with braised thighs, 100% chocolate and cranberries

Breast of duck with braised thighsServes 4

1 duck or two large duck breasts and thighs
100 gr good salted bacon
1½ liter veal stock
100 gr shallots
100 gr carrots
½ bottle of red wine
1 pot of thyme
100 gr cranberries
500 gr small beets (red, yellow or candy)
100 gr hay
200 gr chanterelles
200 gr death Trumpets (mushrooms)
12 beautiful blackberries
100 gr butter
30 green pepper grains
1/4 l of apple juice
100 gr butter

The day before
Cut the thighs cut off and braised in onions, carrots, thyme, pepper, red wine and veal stock. When the thighs are tender, let them cool down in the stock. Following half of the stock is reduced to sauce, taste and texture. Then season with about half of the chocolate and maybe a little butter, salt and pepper.

The cleaned beets are baked in lightly burnt hay, until tender. Then popped out of their skin and pickled in apple juice until the next day.

75 grams of cranberries are dried in the oven at 60° C to the following day where they are passed through a sieve - keep the dust, which is what you need.

On day
The duck breasts are fried just before serving – count on 15 min. of cooking time and 15 minutes to rest. While the breasts are resting, cut the braised meat into suitable pieces and heat them up in the sauce, along with blackberries, cranberries and seared death trumpets just before serving.

Meanwhile the beets are glazed in the apple juice and a little butter.

The rest of the mushrooms are seared.

When serving the 100% chocolate is grated over the dish with the cranberry dust and fresh thyme, the braised stew is served on the side.