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rhubarb trifle

Rhubarb trifle

Serves 4

Rhubarb porridge
600 gr of rhubarb
100 gr of sugar

160 gr of whole grain bread
20 gr butter
20 gr sugar
100 gr of macaroons
½ dl. whipping cream

How it's done:

Rhubarb Porridge - Clean and cut the rhubarb into approx. 2 cm small pieces, put them in a saucepan, and sprinkle with sugar. Let the rhubarb simmer for 20-30 minutes over low heat with the lid on, until they have the consistency of porridge.

Trifle - Shred the bread on a grater or blend it to crumble in a food processor.
Melt the butter in a pan and fry the bread crumble at low heat until crisp. Sprinkle with sugar and tilt the pan back and forth until the sugar begins to caramelize. Pour the crumble onto a plate or platter and let it cool.
Crush the macaroons lightly, and mix them with the bread crumble, then whip the cream to a lightly whipped consistency.

Dinnertime -
 Add alternately a layer of rhubarb, a layer macaroon mixture and a layer of whipped cream into four drinking glass or a plate and repeat until you run out.

Source: Ny Nordisk Hverdagsmad 128-129.