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Food Festival – the largest food event in Denmark

The Nordic food culture is in the middle of a revolution. Nordic gastronomy has attracted worldwide attention as forerunner in a food awakening in the Nordic region. There is an immense growth in the numbers of producers, and new types of food are being presented to the consumers like never before.

Food Festival

Photos: Kasper Fogh/Food Organisation of Denmark

In the weekend of September 5th-7th, many of the most innovative producers, farmers, brewers, breeders and food entrepreneurs gather in the city of Aarhus for the largest food festival in the region, Food Festival. It is a festival with master classes, demonstrations and many opportunities to participate in cooking as well as witnessing and tasting some of the most interesting new food concepts from the Nordic region - a region which is on its way to shape its own food identity.
Among many other events, Food Festival hosts the wildly popular Danish championships in hotdog, Hotdog DM. Here high-end chefs compete for the title of ‘Best Hotdog’ and they are not afraid to use all means serving the best interpretation of the Danish classic. Among the competitors this year are some of the best chefs in Denmark: Paul Cunningham (Henne Kirkeby Kro), Wassim Hallal (Frederikshøj), Jeppe Foldager (Alberto K and winner of Bocuse d’Or silver) and Henrik Yde (Kiin Kiin).

Danish championships in hotdogFurthermore Food Festival will also present MAD Sunday, which is a more concentrated session about food and food culture together with the people behind the well-known MAD Symposium, just held in Copenhagen in August. MAD is series of seminars and symposiums created by Noma’s René Redzepi in order to evolve and improve food thinking. At Food Festival 2014, some of the most compelling questions in professional kitchens today will be discussed, such as “What is the difference between copying someone and being inspired by them?”. You will experience an interesting panel of speakers, one of them is the former Noma sous chef, Christian F. Puglisi, who today is the owner of Relae in Copenhagen.
Other profiles at Food Festival are the team from River Cottage joining up with Danish chefs, Claus Meyer, Kenneth Hansen (the Danish Bocuse d’Or candidate) and Adam Aamann – the reinventer of the traditional open-faced sandwich (smørrebrød).

Behind Food Festival is Food Organisation of Denmark. Read more at www.foodfestival.dk (the website is currently only available in Danish).

For further information please contact Sigrid Gjessing at sigrid@thefoodproject.dk or +45 2858 4319