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Extending the Danish kitchen

Denmark’s food culture has spread to major cities worldwide. Exclusive gourmet dishes, traditional farmhouse food, open sandwiches and Danish pastries have gained popularity abroad – something that most people would not have thought possible even just ten years ago.

By Markus Bernsen, Forcus Denmark no. 3

Aamanns at New York
New York, USA
Open sandwich restaurant Aamanns
Copenhagen opens in September 2012.
Chef Mads Refslund opens Restaurant Acme (photo) in 2011.







The Royal Cafe in Tokyo 

Tokyo, Japan
There are a number of Danish restaurants in Tokyo, including Café Daisy and Royal Café (photo).
Japan’s Andersen Bakery chain serves Danish breads and baked goods from approximately 450 shops across the country.






Los Angeles, USA
In 2009, Rasmus Lee opens the bakery Hygge in Downtown Los Angeles. Since then, several other bakeries have opened in California.


Beijing, China
Royal Smushi House Café & Bakery opens in 2010. The restaurant serves “smushi”, a Danish open sandwich in small portions, and also has a bakery producing traditional Danish cakes and pastries.

New Nordic food

New Nordic Food II is a programme devised
by the Nordic Council of Ministers, a forum
for governmental co-operation among the
Nordic countries.

The vision is that Nordic cuisine will inspire a
love of food, taste and diversity – both at home
and abroad.

The programme runs until 2014 and includes a
number of projects and campaigns.

It is based on a Manifesto for the New Nordic
Kitchen with values such as purity, freshness,
simplicity and ethics.

Read the manifesto and learn more about
the programme: www.newnordicfood.org

Nordic food in Japan

As a kick-off event for a long-term effort to brand New Nordic Food in Japan, the five Nordic Embassies have each invited a well-known chef to Tokyo during the period 17-19 October.

The chefs are:
Antto Melasniemi (Finland)
Hákon Már Örvarsson (Iceland)
Geir Skeie (Norway)
Malin Söderström (Sweden)
Torsten Schmidt (Denmark) (Photo)

Torsten Schmidt

The chefs will teach at a cooking master class at the prestigious Hattori Nutrition College and cook a one-night-only special dinner at five of Tokyo’s best restaurants. There will also be a workshop and press event.

The initiative is supported by Nordic Innovation, an institution working to promote cross-border trade and innovation.

Furthermore, the Danish Embassy in Tokyo is planning a 2013 targeted export promotion of high quality food products from Denmark.

Read more: www.japan.um.dk

Conference in Copenhagen

On 27-28 November 2012, Copenhagen House of Food is hosting a Nordic conference on quality organic food in public kitchens. The conference will consist of lectures, debates, workshops and visits to public institutions.

Copenhagen House of Food is an  independent, non-commercial foundation established by the City of Copenhagen to improve the quality of meals offered to citizens, and to create a healthy, happy and sustainable public food culture.

Read more: www.kbhmadhus.dk