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Until a few years ago, Danish food was essentially associated with potatoes and bacon, and Danish cuisine was completely unknown outside the country. Not anymore. Over the last decade, the New Nordic Cuisine has revolutionised Danish gastronomy and created an entirely new focus on local ingredients. It has meant a renaissance of classic Danish dishes, which are currently available in modern versions at several of Copenhagen's best restaurants. Even so, many Danes still love to eat very traditional foods like porridge, open sandwiches and the classic roast pork with parsley sauce - of course served with a glass of good Danish beer.
Fricassee of lamb

New Nordic recipes

On these pages you can find examples of what the New Nordic Cuisine has to offer

There is a little journey in every oyster

There is a little journey in every oyster

The Romans brought the flat shelled oysters from the Atlantic region of Europe back to Italy packed in ice, snow or in barrels of sea water. Oysters are woven into the cultural fabric of Europe as the essence of fine food.


Five tons of organic vegetables per week distributed by volunteers

Copenhagen Food Cooperative is a member-based and member-driven food co-operative in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The hot dog stand

The hot dog stand

 – feeding hungry Danes for more than 90 years

The first Danish hot dog stand saw the light of day in Copenhagen in 1921. 

Winegrowing at the northern limit

Winegrowing at the northern limit

The number of professional Danish winegrowers is increasing, as is the quality of Danish wine. “It is interesting to produce wine at the limit of where it is possible from a purely climatic perspective,” says one of the Danish winegrowers, who has gained an export order to Japan.

Danish Food Culture

Danish food culture

There are three main meals in Denmark: breakfast and dinner are typically eaten at home, whereas lunch for practical reasons has to be eaten elsewhere and often consists of a packed lunch brought from home.

Danish Liquorice

Danish liquorice

Denmark has a particular love affair with everything liquorice. You’ll find it in many different products here, including liquorice beer, ice-cream, chocolate, fudge, mints and of course candy.

Danish Microbreweries

Beer and microbreweries

Denmark has always been a nation of beer drinkers, ever since the Viking Age when every family brewed its own beer.

Danish Specialities

Danish specialities

The Danish cuisine still contains elements harking back to the time before industrialisation, i.e. the time before c. 1860, the age of storage housekeeping with a cuisine based on beer and rye bread, salted pork and salted herring.

The New Nordic Cuisine

The Nordic Cuisine

Nordic food has been making something of a comeback in recent years.

Open faced sandwich

Smørrebrød 2.0 - Open faced sandwich

“I wanted to take lunch seriously,” he says, referring to the fact that the midday meal is considered by many fancy chefs to be the bastard son of gastronomy.