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The fine art of Danish fashion

It comes easy to Copenhageners; slapping on 10 layers of clothing, a scarf and boots is done with a grace and elegance rarely found anywhere else in the world.

Observing the fashion-culture from the eyes of a hot-blooded individual from the Southern Hemisphere, you notice that everyone here seems to possess an innate style that is effortless and artful.

Getting dressed in the morning, anticipating a day of bombing through blizzard-like conditions on a bicycle and still looking fresh enough for a beer with friends in the evening, is a tough task.

Copenhagen Street styleWithout a doubt, people in Copenhagen are more fashionable than anywhere else in Scandinavia. The city itself is a vibrant, modern city, with a history that co-exists with all the latest trends in architecture, design and fashion. This is a society that strives to produce problem-solution orientated design, in which the aesthetic form obeys utmost functionality.

Clothing has seized a keynote within Danish design, and within recent years a vast number of companies have managed to tap into the highly competitive, international field of clothing enterprise. Some of these high achieving labels include InWear, Carli Gry, Huset Sand, Red & Green and countless others. While initially starting out selling goods in their own shops, these designers’ lust for chic, yet affordable, wear has allowed them to enter the arena on an international level.

Standing as Europe’s fourth largest fashion city, Copenhagen hosts its own fashion week during the months of February and August. The Copenhagen Fashion Week is the biggest of its kind, and aims to extend and network the professional Danish fashion industry. It is organised by the Danish Fashion Institute, a newly founded network established by the Danish Fashion industry.

The catwalks are adorned with an array of new and well-known Danish talents, allowing previews of their upcoming collections. They all cultivate their own unique angle on design, innovation and aesthetics, which favour femininity and functionality. The bottom line is that all Copenhageners are consumed by style. The city has spawned plenty of cool designers. To name but a few you find Baum und Pferdgarten, munthe plus simonsen and the male collaboration WoodWood. Such designers excel in the art of clothing design that is suited to the frigid weather, as well as the Copenhagener biking lifestyle, yet still oozes sophistication, style and Nordic flair.

By Angela Andersen