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Sustainability by Design

Design plays a crucial role in the environmental performance of products. Below you can download five different fact sheets dealing with sustainability by design.

Sustainability by Design: Lighting

The lifestyle in Denmark as in the rest of Scandinavia is highly influenced by light – or the lack of it. We enjoy the long summer nights yet during the dark winter modern life would be virtually impossible without artificial lighting.

Download fact sheet [pdf]

Sustainability by Design: Crafts

Crafts are at the centre of creation of the physical surroundings in our everyday lives. Joining together individual artistic expression and industrial mass manufacturing, craftspeople add an extra layer to design.

Download fact sheet [pdf]

Sustainability by Design: Industrial Design

Industrial design was born to support mass production. While the rational approach of reducing manufacturing costs and time was the starting point, soon the qualities achieved by embedding identity through the choice of shape, surfaces and colours were added. 

Download fact sheet [pdf]

Sustainability by Design: Furniture

Furniture design is at the core of our everyday lives. Whether we are aware of it or not, furniture embraces our body and creates and defines the spaces and surfaces we interact with when working, sleeping, eating, relaxing or commuting. 

Download fact sheet [pdf]


Sustainability by Design: Public Spaces

Public spaces shape our everyday lives  through the possibilities, limitations and experiences they offer. They shape our neighbourhoods by defining physical and mental barriers and connections, and they tell a story about the society which created them.

Download fact sheet [pdf]