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Sustainable projects

To lead a green and sustainable lifestyle can be many different things. In Denmark a lot of people strive to create a better environment by developing new and greener ways of living, greener transportation, town planning, industry, etc. Denmark is for instance well known for its great wind mill production and Copenhagen is famous for its biking culture – watch videos and read about how Danes manage to lead green and modern lifestyles.
UN opens Green Headquarters in Copenhagen

UN opens Green Headquarters in Copenhagen

Solar panels, rainwater tanks and a seawater cooling system are all features of the award-winning, green building office complex.

Horns Rev 2

An ocean of wind turbines - Green offshore

The Danish offshore industry is busy shifting over from oil and gas to offshore wind. Ten thousand wind turbines are planned to be installed in the North Sea in the years ahead.

Copenhagen harbour

Clean water in Denmark

In Denmark, water utilities compete to supply the tastiest product, and restaurants serve it with pride. Clean water enhances life quality – and most people in Denmark take it for granted.

Building the future

Building the future

A newly built day nursery north of Copenhagen invigorates the children with plenty of sunlight and fresh air. It is part of an international experiment to create buildings “that give more than they take”

Cow dung

Cow dung – a source of green energy

Traditionally cow dung has been used as a fertilizer, but today dung is collected and used to produce biogas.

Renovating for the Future

Buildings are one of the biggest energy users; around 30 per cent to 40 per cent of Denmark’s total energy consumption is used for heating, ventilation and lighting.

The Danish clean-tech sector – SUNMARK

Denmark aims to become the global laboratory for clean-tech solutions. Today there are already close to a thousand companies in Denmark actively working in the clean-tech field, employing 60,000 people.