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The Nordic cuisine

In 2005 the Nordic Council of Ministers initiated the New Nordic Food manifesto as a way of boosting the production and consumption of traditional food products. Tired of the low quality and tasteless yet clinically perfect food that had come to pass for Danish food, the chef Claus Meyer sought answers by studying the history of agricultural production.

NOMA – The World's Best Restaurant

The most important restaurant in the world right now is Noma, the name being a contraction of the Danish words for 'Nordic' and 'Food'.

Sweet and sour fricassee of lamb with beets and onions

New Nordic recipes

With the New Nordic Cuisine the traditional Nordic diet with a focus on local produce and ingredients is being explored and reinterpreted to reflect the changes of the seasons in the meal and at the same time express the cleanliness, freshness, simplicity and ethics of the Nordic region.


Copenhagen Food Cooperative

Copenhagen Food Cooperative is a member-based and member-driven food co-operative in Copenhagen, Denmark.

There is a little journey in every oyster

There is a little journey in every oister

When you open and smell them there is a fresh breeze on your face from the sea. The Romans brought the flat shelled oysters from the Atlantic region of Europe back to Italy packed in ice, snow or in barrels of sea water. Oysters are woven into the cultural fabric of Europe as the essence of fine food.

The Nordic Cuisine

The New Nordic Cuisine

Nordic food has been making something of a comeback in recent years.

René Redzepi

VIDEO: René Redzepi

Danish chef René Redzepi talks about nordic food at the Green Market in New York City.